2022 Site Relaunch

Mirth Peddlers logo of a bunny pulling a cart containing dice and swords
Dec 06, 2022
game design

I’m relaunching Mirth Peddlers with a new logo and new design! With the collapse of integrity for a certain social media site, now is the time to return to good old days of owning one’s own content.

As such it is an excellent time to rebuild this game design site and commit to blogging again. Especially as I have new stuff in the works for my colinaut.itch.io — including a couple of one-page games and some adventure scenarios for Electric Bastionland and Lacuna. Look for those to be added soon!

This site is still a work in progress but all the pieces parts are in place and I’ve had fun building it using Astro.

Ways you can follow me now that I’m no longer on the bird site:

* personally I like using Feedly for rss

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