Apocalypse Warren

Apocalypse Warren graphic of a bunny silhouette, bullet holes, and tire tracks
Dec 01, 2016

I present Apocalypse Warren, a world playset that brings the apocalypse back into The Warren!

A time of chaos… ruined dreams… this wasted land… For reasons long forgotten, two mighty human warrior tribes went to war and touched off a blaze which engulfed them all. Their world crumbled. Now in this wasted world, life does as it always — it struggles to hang on. The rains come rarely anymore but rabbits learned to survive the harsh reality of the desert, long before humans ruined the world. As a desert rabbit, you’ve learned to forage for scarce food mainly during dawn and dusk when the sun is muted, always keeping an ear out for hungry snakes, monitor lizards, kites, and dingos. The human survivors are an unpredictable danger as they still cling to their machines and their war, strewing chaos across the land. You once could have asked the ancestors for help — a trick rabbits learned from the bilby — but with the cataclysm came a strange terrifying Wind howling outside this world which tore apart the Dreaming.

I created this Warren World playset while home sick in bed watching Watership Down and all the Mad Max movies. After many revisions, I then ran it at Big Bad Con 2016 for some wonderfully brave rabbits. It’s now ready for any and all rabbits who want to try and find a way to survive in this post-apocalyptic wasted land!


Apocalypse Warren is available for download as a pay what you want PDF. The game includes a playset with NPCs, Predators, and Threats; info on the Human Settlement, the Bilby, the Strange and Horrible Wind that Howls Outside This World, a custom move “Perk Up Your Ears and Listen to the Wind, and a map of the surrounding area.


warren world apocalypse warren map

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