Jeeves & Wooster Monster Hunters

The Jeeves and Wooster title clip from the show with 'Monster Hunters' added
Mar 15, 2015

The idea for Jeeves & Wooster Monster Hunters came to me in a dream one night. As there was no system I felt I could run this in, I have created a game systems inspired by some of the simple coin flip mechanics of the game Clink.

This game is currently under development and being play tested. If you are interested in helping play test it you can contact me at

If you don’t know Jeeves and Wooster then there is no time like the present to get acquainted! You can read P.G. Wodehouse’s original book The Inimitable Jeeves via Project Gutenberg. Or watch the hilarious BBC TV version starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie via YouTube!

J&W:MH Scenario: The Spring Festival

The small countryside town of Market Snodsbury has celebrated the Spring Equinox for as long as anyone can remember. Bertie Wooster couldn’t care less about the festival but Aunt Dahlia has insisted he come out to the countryside. She’s quite certain that she will win the coveted trophy for the flower arrangement competition but needs Wooster’s help. You see her prize rose garden has been acting very peculiar as of late. Oh, there is also the trouble with Wooster’s pal Bingo who seems to have gotten himself head over heels in love again — this time with the judge of the flower competition!

Will Bingo finally find his true love? Who will win the Market Snodsbury Spring Festival flower competition? And why are all the servants terrified of the Brinkley Court rose garden? How will Wooster get himself out of this thorny trouble? Well I’m sure Jeeves has a few tricks up his sleeve to help out. Find out what happens in the next episode of Jeeves & Wooster: Monster Hunters!

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