Angry bear and two records, one with Wub Wub Wub an the other with Boots N' Cats
May 02, 2015

I was inspired and made a micro rpg game for David Schirbun’s awesome #200WordRPG challenge called THE RAVER AND THE BEAR! You should check out the 200 Word RPG Challenge site as there are some amazing entries. I especially love LoveInt and Holding On and KillByNumbers but I’ve honestly barely scratched the surface of all the entries.

UPDATE!!! NEW RAVER AND THE BEAR – ECLECTIC HIPSTER EXPANSION with rules for advanced play with the dangerous finicky hipster bear.


THE RAVER AND THE BEAR is available for download as a print-n-play PDF as a pay what you want game!

Actual Play Video

Actual play video from Big Bad Con 2015!


  • Once the DJ starts playing, does the bear’s first check start from anywhere in particular or wherever the bear decides? _
    The Bear’s first check starts as soon as the second album is put on._
  • I’m still confused about what order is correct vs reverse vs out of order can you explain it better? Think of the albums as positions on a clock but unlike an analogue clock this clock only has 5 positions on it (1-5) and once it reaches the last position it goes to the first position. The Bear places one album on each position. Let’s say there are 5 records A,B,C,D,E and the Bear preferred play order is clockwise in this order C>E>B>A>D (since this is a clock it continues and D>C… etc.). Now if the DJ plays C and then E it is in the right clockwise order and the Bear is happy, If the DJ plays C then D then it is in the wrong anti-clockwise reverse order and the Bear is angry and mauls them. If the DJ plays C and then either B or A then the Bear is annoyed as is out of order and the Bear growls
  • After the DJ gets mauled the first time, should the bear start from the original start place? When the DJ get’s mauled they just put on another record — either one they played before or a new one. There is no “start place” for the Bear’s music order preferences as it’s a continuous circle. Let’s say the Bear’s preferences are B, A, C, E, D — then the DJ can “win” by playing in a row consecutively B, A, C, E, D or A, C, E, D, B or C, E, D, B, A or E, D, B, A, C or D, B, A, C, E. Probably better way of thinking about it is the DJ needs to make the bear happy 4 times in a row by playing albums in the right order.
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